• We kindly request that you book your accommodation at the designated hotel (Nanjing International Conference Hotel) for ICIPM 2023 conference.
  • If you have chosen a shared room, please provide the names of your roommates in the Guests Information. For those who haven't confirmed their own roommates, our team will randomly assign them to share with other participants.
  • Due to the high demand during peak tourist season, single rooms may be assigned as double or standard rooms based on availability.
  • Please make sure to complete the Guests Information for your hotel reservation order in a timely manner. A "DONE" label in the lower-right corner of your reservation indicates that it has been successfully processed. Otherwise, please note that it will be considered incomplete.
  • Please delete any duplicate or incorrect reservations, and remember that all room fees resulting from online bookings must be paid on-site.
  • All hotel reservation orders will be locked on September 1. Please contact the ICIPM team (ICIPM@njau.edu.cn) if you need to make any modifications.
  • The conference hotel is nestled within the picturesque Zijin Mountain Scenic Area, and with limited availability of rooms, we highly recommend booking early to secure your stay.
  • 参会住宿请预定ICIPM2023会议指定酒店 (南京国际会议酒店).
  • 标注为 "合住" 的酒店房型可在入住信息中填写合住人姓名, 会务组将随机组合未自行确定合住者的参会者共享同一房间.
  • 鉴于会议期间为旅游旺季, 预定房型为 "单住" 的参会者将视房型剩余情况被分配至大床房或标准间.
  • 请及时完善您酒店预定订单中的入住人信息, 酒店预定订单右下方显示 "DONE" 方为预定成功, 否则视为未预定.
  • 请务必删除多余或错误操作预定的酒店订单, 凡是预定成功的房间均将被保留, 并需现场支付所有网上预定订单产生的房费.
  • 所有酒店预定订单将于9月1日被锁定, 如需修改请联系会务组 (ICIPM@njau.edu.cn).
  • 会议酒店位于紫金山景区, 酒店预留房间数量有限, 请参会者尽早预定.
International Conference Hotel Nanjing / 南京国际会议大酒店

No.2 Sifang Cheng, Xuanwu district, Nanjing 210014 / 南京市玄武区中山陵四方城2号


The Nanjing International Conference Hotel, a subsidiary of the Nanjing Tourism Group, is conveniently located just 5 kilometers from Nanjing's central business district and only 1.5 kilometers from the Muxuyuan subway station. With its proximity to both the Huning Expressway and Huancheng Expressway, transportation to and from the hotel is extremely convenient. The hotel boasts a total construction area of 13.5 acres. Guests staying here can fully immerse themselves in the culture of the ancient capital while also enjoying a modern urban style. The sweet fragrance of weeping willows and osmanthus flowers, combined with the surrounding mountains and water, create a tranquil environment that nourishes both body and soul. This hotel truly embodies the concept of a "city mountain forest garden".

The hotel is situated in the prime location of Zhongshan Scenic Area, just 50 meters from the Purple Mountain Insect Museum, 100 meters from Nanjing Underwater World, and a short stroll away from Ming Xiaoling Scenic Area. Meiling Palace is only 300 meters away while Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum can be reached within a pleasant walk of 700 meters. The hotel boasts 392 guest rooms, including Presidential Suites and Executive Buildings, as well as 14 meeting rooms of varying sizes. With over 1800 seats in its restaurants, it can accommodate up to 800 attendees for meetings and serve meals to up to 1000 guests. The venue offers a variety of seating arrangements, such as boardroom-style, theatre-style, reception-style and round-table style making it suitable for both domestic and international conferences. Fully-equipped facilities, such as a bar, swimming pool, fitness center, beauty center and ping pong room are available to meet all your needs for accommodation, dining, conferences, business negotiations or entertainment.

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